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With Doctors in New Orleans

There are 3 ways to schedule an appointment with one of our caring nurse practitioners or Family Doctors in New Orleans:

  1. Call our Appointment Center at 504-349-6824

  2. Request an on-line appointment at the WJMC.org
    website -> Schedule an appointment at The Family Doctors

  3. Call the clinic location directly at:

    175 Hector Avenue, Terrytown 504-349-6925
    1111 Med. Center Blvd, S-850, Marrero 504-349-6450
    3909 Lapalco Blvd, Suite 100, Harvey 504-349-6900
    2845 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey 504-349-6930

Whether you need to schedule a regular checkup or need to speak with a physician about a specific health issue, our staff is dedicated to working with your schedule. We have 4 convenient locations, just a few minutes from downtown New Orleans, and we regularly see patients from the West Bank, Gretna and Harvey. Schedule an appointment today with any of our qualified physicians. Click through the links below to meet the doctors at each of our clinics or provide feedback for your family doctor.

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