Nutrition Services

West Jeff Fitness Center a Registered Dietitian on staff to offer nutritional counseling, meal planning, supermarket shopping tips, metabolism measurements and much more.


 Adult Weight Management

·        Individualized sessions  

·        Meal plans for your specific calorie needs

·        Healthy meal and snack ideas/recipes

·        Realistic, achievable goals

·        Follow up for accountability


Child Nutrition

·        Weight management and counseling for overweight/obesity

·        Nutrition therapy for failure to thrive and poor growth

·        Fun, easy nutrition concepts to build healthy habits at an early age

·        Kids and their families work together to achieve goals for a more healthful lifestyle


Sports Nutrition

·        Meal plans for increased lean body mass and muscle gain  

·        Pre and post workout snack tips to improve performance and increase endurance

·        Metabolic readings available to provide exact calorie needs

·        Collaboration between dietitians and trainers for best results


Restaurant Consulting

·        Menu analysis

·        Nutrition facts guides for customers


Corporate Education

·        FREE 15 minute corporate education talks

·        Corporate nutrition workshops available-we come to you!


Other Services

·        Metabolism measurement

·        Participation in local health fairs

·        FREE monthly bariatric support group  


Several appointment packages are available starting at $50 per hour.