Patrick Groue - Fitness Instructor

Pat has been a certified trainer and group instructor since 2000, and currently holds a personal trainer certification, Nutritional counselor, and 16 credit hours of Functional training for sports through American Fitness Professionals and Associates. He also is certified through Madd dog athletics for Spin and spent 6 years as a certified LHSCA cross country coach for I.H.S. and currently holds an RRCA  running coach certification .He has competed in numerous 70.3 Iron Man Triathlons, 2 Marathons, Obstacle course races and numerous adventure races from 4 to 24 hours of continuous racing. His passion for athletics and training are evident. He truly enjoys helping others to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to see those he works with reach their full potential. He knows that training for races is more than just putting one foot in front of the other. The knowledge of knowing when to go hard and when to rest is a major factor in your performance. Pat has a firm belief that we all have an athlete somewhere in us, and we just need the right plan to reach our goals. He also believes that if your mind set is to know your limits but never ever sell yourself short you will be amazed at what you can achieve.