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 Patients with Insurance coverage:

  • Your insurance plan may have special requirements, such as a second surgical opinion or pre-certification (authorization) for certain tests or procedures.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to make sure the requirements of your plan have been met. If the requirements are not followed, you may be financially responsible for all or part of the services rendered.
  • The facility will be happy to follow-up with your insurance plan to ensure they have received all clinical documentation from your Physician to help expedite the authorization process. If for some reason the necessary authorization has not been issued prior to the scheduled date of service, we will contact your Physician’s office to discuss options, including the possibility of re-scheduling the appointment until the appropriate authorization for services can be obtained to avoid any financial liability to the patient.
  • Some Physician Specialists may not participate in your plan and their services may not be covered, so be sure to check your Plan Document for the list of participating Physicians in your particular plan.
  • You can locate a listing of your plan’s requirements in your Benefit Booklet or on your plan’s web site.
  • Our Pre-Registration Department will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and benefits for services and we will contact you by phone to make you aware of any financial obligation that may be due when services are rendered. Payment options will be discussed at that time.
  • A Financial Counselor is available to assist with any questions or concerns about your coverage, and she can be reached at 504-349-2487.


 Patients Without Insurance Coverage:

  • If you do not have insurance coverage, a Hospital Representative is available to assist you with applying for Government funding or other Financial Assistance programs and can be reached at 504-349-1282.
  • Our Financial Counselor can be contacted for estimates on self pay pricing for all outpatient procedures at 504-349-2487 and she will be more than happy to discuss all self pay payment options.


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